garage door


Right now Advanced Auto Glass & More has one sale going on for the full month of April, 2018 and another sale beginning shortly on April 16th until April 27th, 2018. Ultra Gel Spray lube is on sale now buy one get one 50% off. Normally $10.00 per can plus tax you will now be able to get two cans for $15.00 plus tax. No limit to your purchase we have cases of 12 that are being sold for $90.00 instead of $120.00 plus tax.

The ultra gel spray lube is the ideal lube for your garage door. If you come in we will show you how to apply it to your garage door to allow you the most efficient way to lubricate your garage door for the year. Each can also comes with our logo on it including our phone number in case of any emergency that you have we are a simple call away, just look at the can.

Finally we are selling CHI garage door specific models *Look under the garage door tab* for 8% discount between the days of April 16th - April 27th. Included on this sale is designer doors as well such as carriage house doors. If you are in the market for a new door give us a call or e-mail us for more details or a price quotation.

Thank you so much and we hope that you have a blessed week and a wonderful year.