Thermal Panes


At Advanced Auto Glass & More we sell, service, and install thermal panes in your home. A thermal pane is the glass in the frame of your window that you look out of, depending on its age, thermal panes can develop a failed seal that holds the two pieces of glass together. When this happens, the glass will begin to fog up and collect moisture between the two panes of glass and become difficult or impossible to see out of. If this happens to you, or if somehow a pane breaks, give us a call and we can get a technician out to you that can measure up the unit. We have to order our thermal units in but we can typically have most of them within 5 business days. However, if the unit is tempered glass it can take 7-10 business days due to the process of heat treating the glass and tempering it. Most panes ordered are typically just filled with air but you can order these panes with argon gas which changes the rate at which heat conducts between the glass panes. Learn more about what this argon gas does here. If your thermal pane has seal failure or is broken and you would like a quote, you can get a close measurement of your thermal pane. Typically we tell customers to give us the viewing size between the frame of the window. With the information we can give you an estimate over the phone or via e-mail.



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