Tailgate Spreaders

Boss Tailgate Spreader line has an adjustable feed gate with an RT3 attachment system to allow easy on/off. They include a variable  speed controller and a top screen with a bag splitter to allow easy opening of the salt over the hopper.

TGS300, TGS600, TGS800, TGS1100

  • Cu Ft Capacity - 3 cu ft, 6 cu ft, 8 cu ft, 11 cu ft

  • Hopper Capacity Weight - 200lb, 400lb, 780lb, 800lb

  • Spreader Weight - 70lb, 101lb, 220lb, 152lb

Forge And VBX Hopper Spreaders

The Forge 2.0 is a stainless steel hopper spreader that is built to outlast the elements. It comes in either pintle chain or auger with a pre wet capable system. The VBX spreaders all come with pintle chain or auger with pre wet capable systems as well except for the VBX 3000 which is built for UTV set ups. These spreaders have no delay time so you don't have to wait for the feeder before you continue to salt the parking lot. Forge has expanded the line up offering more sizes such as 1.5 and 1.0 but has discontinued the short bed Forge 2.0

VBX 3000, VBX 6500, VBX 8000, VBX 9000, Forge 2.0 long bed

  • Cu ft/yd Capacity - 12 Cu Ft, 1.5 Cu Yd, 2 Cu Yd, 3 Cu Yd, 2 Cu Yd

  • Complete Unit Weight *Empty* - 230lb, 550lb/600lb(pintle), 600lb/650lb(pintle), 700lb/760lb(pintle), 650lb/700lb(pintle)

  • Please note, the Forge 2.0 comes optional for many upgrades that the poly VBX spreaders already have as standard. Please contact us for more information.


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