SK Box Plows

Boss SK model skid steer plows have a high efficiency moldboard which features a 70 degree attack angle that devours snow and reduces resistance. The universal skid steer attachment plates provide a built-in float and pivot which makes it optimal for plowing performance on uneven and rough surfaces. The Straight-Blades have a trip edge design with adjustable tension to prevent plow damage when an obstacle is encountered. New for the 2018-2019 Season is the rubber cutting edge option for the SK 8'0 and the SK 10'0

7'6, 8'0, 9'0

SK 8'0, SK 10'0, SK 12'0

SKR 6’0 SKR 8’0. SKR 10’0

  • Trip Edge Steel - (7'6)796lb, 809lb, 857lb

  • Trip Edge Stainless Steel - 836lb, 888lb

  • SK Box Plow - 900lb, 1000lb, 1245lb

BH And LDR Box Plows

Boss Backhoe and Loader Box Plows are designed with self adjusting box wings that automatically adjust to the contour of the pavement. They have a segmented trip design which allows for each trip edge to trip individually. The Loader plows have a reversible cutting edge that allows twice the plowing for a set of cutting edges.

BH 12'0, LDR 14'0, LDR 16'0

  • BH and LDR Box Plows - 2000lb, 3190lb, 3320lb

John Deere And Kubota Tractor

Boss has released the option of an RT3 Mount and wiring kit for models of John Deere and Kubota tractors. The John Deere 3 and 4 Series Tractor models are able to attach the HTX and Standard-Duty Straight-Blade model plows. The John Deere 5 Series and the Kubota Grand L40 Tractor models can be attached with the Super-Duty Straight-Blade, EXT, V-XT, and the V-DXT. Click here to learn more about these plow options.


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