SK Box Plows

Boss SK model skid steer plows have a high efficiency moldboard which features a 70 degree attack angle that devours snow and reduces resistance. The universal skid steer attachment plates provide a built-in float and pivot which makes it optimal for plowing performance on uneven and rough surfaces. The Straight-Blades have a trip edge design with adjustable tension to prevent plow damage when an obstacle is encountered. New for the 2018-2019 Season is the rubber cutting edge option for the SK 8'0 and the SK 10'0

7'6, 8'0, 9'0

SK 8'0, SK 10'0, SK 12'0

SKR 8’0. SKR 10’0

  • Trip Edge Steel - (7'6)796lb, 809lb, 857lb

  • Trip Edge Stainless Steel - 836lb, 888lb

  • SK Box Plow - 900lb, 1000lb, 1245lb

BH And LDR Box Plows

Boss Backhoe and Loader Box Plows are designed with self adjusting box wings that automatically adjust to the contour of the pavement. They have a segmented trip design which allows for each trip edge to trip individually. The Loader plows have a reversible cutting edge that allows twice the plowing for a set of cutting edges.

BH 12'0, LDR 14'0, LDR 16'0

  • BH and LDR Box Plows - 2000lb, 3190lb, 3320lb

John Deere And Kubota Tractor

Boss has released the option of an RT3 Mount and wiring kit for models of John Deere and Kubota tractors. The John Deere 3 and 4 Series Tractor models are able to attach the HTX and Standard-Duty Straight-Blade model plows. The John Deere 5 Series and the Kubota Grand L40 Tractor models can be attached with the Super-Duty Straight-Blade, EXT, V-XT, and the V-DXT. Click here to learn more about these plow options.


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