Boss V XT is available in steel and poly options. The V XT allows for single trip action in the mull board, and is the plow that started it all as it was the first to be released on Boss's line up with the flared wings. A more affordable option than the V DXT, many contractors use this plow today. A new release for 2018-2019 season is a stainless steel option for 8'2 and 9'2 V XT plows.

7'6, 8'2, 9'2

  • Steel - (7'6) 713lb, 785lb, 842lb

  • Poly - 795lb, 852lb

  • Stainless Steel - Weight coming soon.


Now Available With Downforce

Boss V DXT is available in stainless steel, steel, and poly options and also features a Heavy Duty option. The V DXT allows for dual trip action in the mull board as well as the cutting edge, saving you and your truck from manhole covers or any type of raised surface you may not see while plowing. If you feel your plow is tripping too easy on the cutting edge, the new DXT allows for adjustable spring tension on the cutting edge and now comes with an available down pressure option when purchasing a new plow.

8'2, 9'2, 10'0

  • Steel - 868lb, 925lb, (10'0) 1,205lb

  • Poly - 878lb, 935lb

  • Stainless - 920lb, 977lb

Drag Pro

Boss Drag Pro is the first back blade Boss has come out with. It was released 2018 and can cut your time down tremendously while plowing. The all new Drag pro can come in either 8’ Fixed, 8’ - 12’ Extending, or 8’ - 16’ Extending. It allows for independent wing control, a low profile design, and can easily be attached and detached. High performance hydraulics allow for faster speed, with a seperate control for the raise/lower speeds.

8’0, 8’ - 12’, 8’ - 16’

8’ Fixed - 780 lb

8’ - 12’ Hydraulic Extending - 790lb

8’ - 16’ Hydraulic Extending - 890lb


Boss HTX V is available in a steel only option. The HTX V allows for use of a V blade on a half ton pick up allowing everyone to have access to the abilities of a V plow. New for the 2018-2019 season is the ability to have a poly urethane cutting edge.


  • Steel - 490lb

HTX Straight

Boss Straight-blade HTX is avaialable in steel, poly, and stainless steel. It is built for half ton trucks who want a lighter duty of plow with the same rugged power of a standard duty straight-blade.

7'0, 7'6

  • Steel - 393lb, 440lb

  • Poly - 367lb, 416lb

  • Stainless Steel - 393lb, 440lb

Standard-Duty Straight-Blade

Boss Standard-Duty Straight-Blade is the best plow for those who would like a blade to do there own driveway or just have a few  accounts. It uses the same mount for every plow other than the HTX blades and will still fit on half ton pick-ups. It offers a rugged build with some strength behind it without being too heavy for most pick-ups.


  • Steel - 597lb


Boss EXT is considered the ultimate parking lot commercial plow. The EXT has 8' width when retracted but is extendable for up to 10' of plowing power. It is offered only in 11-ga steel. New for the 2018-2019 season is a joystick option controller.

8'0 - 10'0

  • Steel - 970lb

Super-Duty Straight-Blade

Boss Super-Duty Straight-Blade is offered in poly and steel. At one time it was offered in stainless steel but Boss recently discontinued that line. It is a heavier grade plow for commercial applications but is still used for residential applications as well.

7'6, 8'0, 8'6, 9'0

  • Steel - 680lb, 698lb, (8'6) 720lb, (9'0) 742lb

  • Poly - 706lb, 722lb

Trip-Edge Super-Duty Straight-Blade

Boss Trip-Edge Super-Duty Straight-Blade offers a trip edge on the cutting edge which helps the truck out for durability and the plow as well. Awesome for jobs that have manhole covers sticking up or if you just catch the edge of concrete that is hidden underneath all of the snow. This plow is offered in Stainless Steel and Steel.

7'6, 8'0, 9'0

  • Steel - (7'6) 796lb, 825lb, 877lb

  • Stainless Steel - 875lb, 934lb

Heavy-Duty Straight-Blade

Boss Heavy-Duty Straight-Blade comes in steel only and is made for vehicles with GVWR of 14,000 - 27,000 Medium-Duty Trucks. It has extra spring reinforcement and dual shocks for the mull board trip.

9'0, 10'0

  • Steel - 1,152lb, 1,205lb


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